• Legacy

by James H. Schmitz

First UFP Release: March 2016
256 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-988214-03-0

Welcome to the Federation of the Hub, an interstellar mosaic of governments and people. When ancient living biological machines suddenly begin to move after millennia of inaction many of the Hub’s most powerful people and groups begin vying for the secret locked in these machines. Enter Trigger Argee, the closest associate of the man who first discovered these machines, Holati Tate. Tate has disappeared and she must find him and solve the mystery of these machines and their creators. Doing so will be no easy task as she is worth a great deal, dead or alive, to more than one of the numerous factions as the galaxy battles over the secrets these machines must contain.

About the Author:

James H. Schmitz (1911-1981) was born to American parents in Hamburg, Germany. He and his family spent the years marked by the First World War in the United States and then returned to Germany to complete his schooling following the war. While he visited the United States on several occasions, he remained in Germany until the outbreak of World War Two in 1938. “Greenface” was the first short story Schmitz sold. It appeared in the legendary fantasy magazine just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbour. During the Second World War Schmitz flew with the US Army Air Corps as an aerial photographer and operated in the South Pacific Theater. He returned to publishing in 1949 when his “Agent of Vega” series appearing the leading Science Fiction magazine Astounding. Schimtz was one of the magazine’s most popular contributors over the next three decades. During this time he introduced the memorable heroines of Trigger Argee and Telzey Amberdon. The two were the leading protagonists for his highly successful “Federation of the Hub” series. During the 1950s and 60s the very idea of the Space Opera and Schmitz’s work became synonymous. Schmitz passed away in the 1981 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 69.

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