• The Burning Hour

by Jessica Barksdale Inclan

First Published: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1-988214-04-7

 WILLA Literary Award Finalist 

“The whole area is waiting for just one spark”

The forests, mountainsides, and grasslands around the Ruby Valley of Nevada are tinder dry and languishing in the cooking heat of a landscape awaiting release from the mounting temperatures and desiccating sun. With just one spark the entire world could go up in flame. With countless generations upon this land and proudly defending their Indigenous heritage, Wanda Mapp and her family find their world and their lives to be at the center of the slow-building firestorm that threatens to release or consume them all.  Nick Delgado is on his first tour on a Bureau of Land Management fire crew in the area.  Delgado finds himself in the midst of longstanding tensions over the land and resources of the area.  The Burning Hour is a novel of the physical and spiritual place that is the Cortez Mountains of Nevada. Moreover, it is a novel about the manner in which the physical world acts to bring many different lives together and shape the people they become and the world they may inherit. 

I can say truly The Burning Hour is a novel I won’t ever forget: it’s rich with characterization and social conflicts, suspenseful and engaging, and a vivid portrait of a unique place and its inhabitants. I feel these characters deeply, understand the complicated motivations that make them tick, while at the same time am immersed in their essential mystery, the essential mystery of being human.

—Scott Nadelson, author of Between You and Me and The Next Scott Nadelson

I was riveted from start to finish by the lyrical and yet page-turning unfolding of the novel and its characters.

—Rick Barot, Chord and Want

About the Author

Jessica Barksdale Inclan is the author of Her Daughter\\\\\\\'s Eyes (NAL Trade, 2001) and When You Believe (Zebra, 2006). A Pushcart Prize and Best-of-the Net nominated writer, her work has been published in many literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. She is a professor of English at Diablo Valley College and teaches online novel writing for UCLA Extension

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The Burning Hour

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