• North to Lakeville

by Jason Kapcala
190 pages
Released Date: December 2017

Debut short fiction collection by Kapcala. Lakeville has fallen on hard times. But do not tell that to the locals. Though they’re fond of claiming that nothing ever happens in this corner of Pennsylvania, their stories suggest otherwise. There is the former blues guitar player who never opens his case. The classically trained clarinetist who runs the lakeside bait and tackle shop, even though he hates fishing. The snake wrangler who worries about the bad intentions of his wife’s artsy friends. The firefighter who fears retirement more than death. The grandmother who is determined to hike to the top of Fernridge Mountain. And the alcoholic excavation foreman who whittles toys for his estranged children while investigating the suspicious death of his boss. Their intersecting stories, a full stringer of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities, are the kind of fish tales best told over a pint at Bebes Tavern or in boat on Grady Lake during those quiet moments before dusk.

Praise for North to Lakeville

In the tradition of Sherwood Anderson and his Winesburg, Ohio, the Lakeville of Jason Kapcala\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s excellent story collection offers up a community of misfits whose unsteady lives are driven by alcohol, infidelity, and a perpetual failure to escape their baser selves. These are rich stories that explore the seedier side of small-town American life. 

―Clint McCown, author of Haints

In the stories that make up North to Lakeville, Jason Kapcala reveals memorable characters in heartbreaking situations, told with the precision of a poets sense of language. Through their foibles and small victories, we are reminded how extraordinary it is to be an ordinary human, the mark of a master storyteller.

―Renée K. Nicholson, author of Roundabout Directions to Lincoln Center



Lakeville is beautiful. I felt like I knew or wanted to know so many of the characters in this haunting, funny, and sharply observed collection. Each story holds a searing truth. Each narrator\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s voice is authentic. The people in Kapcala’s landscape see their world fully—the hardship, the humor, the dubious things we do because it made perfect sense at the time, the many wounded ways we try to love each other. Perfect for a stormy night with a warm fire and a good bottle of whiskey.                

―Rebecca Barry, author of Later, at the Bar


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North to Lakeville

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