• The Good Doctor

by Michael Kula
ISBN: 978-1-988214-12-2
398 Pages

In the summer of 1917, the renowned veterinarian Dr. David Roberts and his socialite wife, Mary, suffer a tragic loss that leaves them both isolated and alone, struggling to find comfort in whatever ways they can. That winter, amid his lingering grief, Dr. Roberts’ prosperous business now faces unforeseen challenges, and in attempt to overcome them, he begins writing a book with the help of a young schoolteacher. While the distraction of the project brings him momentary relief, the secret pain he’s been carrying proves to be too much for him to escape alone. Over time, as his relationship with the young teacher deepens, complicating the troubles of his marriage, he must ultimately face the reality that by trying to avoid hurting those around him, he might be doing just that.

Based on a true story, The Good Doctor draws on a rich variety of sources as it takes readers on a passionate journey through the American heartland at a time of change for both the country and the tragic lives of the characters who inhabit these pages.

“This novel is so compelling. Nothing is spare, extra, for show, to show off. I generally skip paragraphs that describe places or weather. Life is short. But no reader with her faculties intact would dare skip a word of this novel or want to. Because everything matters.”

--Beth Kalikoff, author of DYING FOR A BLUE PLATE SPECIAL

\\\"Though the subjects of this meticulously researched historical novel are long dead, not a page of this evocative novel is anything less than fully alive. Fiction it may ultimately be, but every word rings true.\\\"

--Liam Callanan, author of LISTEN & OTHER STORIES

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The Good Doctor

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